There are some fairly obvious factors that have been (and continue to be) priority for house buyers, like location, local amenities, employment opportunities and property specifics. There are, however, some new and interesting ‘must haves’ creeping onto the list.

Prospective homeowners have always wanted to know that they have easy access to transport routes that will enable a convenient commute. Important amenities include gyms, shops, bars, restaurants and, for young families, schools! Also important is the quality of the neighbourhood.

Whether prospective homeowners are looking for a fixer-upper or a minimum maintenance property, the size and design of a property (number of bedrooms, bathrooms, en-suites, a good-sized kitchen, gardens, off-street parking) have huge impact on a decision to buy but something that house buyers are adding onto their wish list is energy efficiency.
New research by YouGov has revealed that 64% of house hunters want solar panels to be fitted as standard to a new home. Forty-two per cent said EV charging points in homes are a must-have and 35% said an air source heat pump was top of their list.

In addition, a massive 71% surveyed felt that high-quality insulation was a deciding factor when looking for a new home.

Rising energy costs and an increased awareness of climate change are likely to change the landscape of the property market. If you’re thinking about home improvements (plumbing, energy or installations), feel free to contact the team on 01689 485007 or – we’re happy to help.