You’ve just moved, renovated or you’re looking to sell, and are wondering how you can accessorise your home beyond family photos and the occasional bits and bobs. Here’s a list of ten top items that will or spruce up any room:

  1. Plants – there’s something calming about bringing the outdoors inside. Plants look great in any room and there are many that grow beautifully indoors. Choose a stylish pot or vessel to accentuate your greenery.
  2. Art – although we’d all love to own a limited-edition piece, art doesn’t have to be pricey to look amazing. Choose something, whether it’s a child’s drawing, a poster, painting or sculpture, that tells a story. Thoughtful placement and a great frame will add personality to any room.
  3. Candles – not only create atmosphere but look and smell great!
  4. Lamps – can be decorative pieces in their own right as well as harbingers of softer light.
  5. Books – on a shelf, coffee table or any other surface (right!?) make a home homely and showcase your interests and personality.
  6. Mirrors – are known to create an illusion of space. They also look nice.
  7. Clocks – add character to a space when chosen for decorative value as well as functionality.
  8. Pinboards – are lots of fun because they can be adapted to mood and style; add photos, postcards, favourite phrases etc. to add personality to a space.
  9. Knickknacks – the trick with knickknacks is to know when to stop but even so, don’t be afraid to showcase your collectibles here and there; small things add to the overall feel in a room.
  10. Decorative vessels – interesting bowls, vases, trinket boxes etc. look stunning in a cabinet or on a sideboard.

The most important thing when accessorising your home, whether it’s with more or less, is to reflect you and your family – your interests and experiences will bring a uniqueness to your home, which makes it warm and inviting.

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