Boiler niggles are typically annoying, especially when you can’t figure out what they are and whether
it’s worth calling in an expert. A boiler manual is a pretty great thing, in that it can help you hone in
on the problem and if you don’t have a hard copy there will almost certainly be a downloadable
version online.

Three common boiler issues identified by Which? that can usually be identified (and sometimes fixed)
by a seasoned DIYer are:

  • Frozen boiler condensate pipe – not quite a boiler fault but frozen pipes can put a boiler out
    of action.
  • Boiler losing pressure – usually the result of a leak, you’ve recently bled your radiators and
    the system has lost pressure, or your heating has been off for a very long time and lost
  • Water leaking from boiler – usually the result of old and corroded washers.

The aforementioned issues, whilst the most common, are three of many possible boiler faults that
require help from a heating engineer. To help you feel confident you’re not overpaying, here are
some average repair costs sourced by Which? from their Trusted Traders:

  • Thermocouple – £85
  • Automatic air vent – £98
  • Overheat thermostat – £101
  • Pressure relief valve – £106
  • Ignition – £106
  • Diverter/zone valves – £198
  • Water pump – £211
  • Gas Valve – £222
  • Fan for combustion – £229
  • Printed circuit board £259

The survey pinpointing these prices was taken in 2019 so costs may have gone up slightly. Which?
notes that there’s a difference of 44 percentage points between the best brand for sourcing the
correct part, and the ‘worst’ (according to Trader expertise). Lack of access to certain components
can add both time and money to a repair.

One of the best ways to avoid costly repairs is regular boiler maintenance – keep up with your yearly
inspection and always have a conversation with your go-to heating engineer if you have a boiler

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