The gas engineers at AA Cooper are Gas Safe registered, which means that we are accredited and fully qualified to install, repair or service your gas appliances.

Some of the services included in (but not limited to) our portfolio, are:

  • Installations
  • Repairs
  • Servicing
  • Gas safety checks.

Gas Safety Checks are a prerequisite for landlords, property managers or estate agents managing properties that are to be occupied by third parties. Checks can be carried out by our Gas Safe registered engineers. The Safety Check will include:

  • System soundness test to check that there aren’t any gas leaks in the property
  • Standing and working pressure check
  • Ventilation check
  • Inspection to ascertain any indication of unsafe operation and report to the accountable person
  • Flue flow test to safeguard elimination of products of combustion
  • Safeguarding acceptable operation of all flame failure devices
  • Appliance check for gas soundness
  • Burner pressure/gas rate monitored alongside manufacturer’s data plate
  • Checks for any installation faults that don’t obey present guidelines.

We also do repairs, servicing and installations at minimum cost and maximum reliability.