Does your heating system need to be in the (proverbial) skip before you’re likely to even hazard thinking about a new one? In fact – yes! This is likely the truth.

The latest Public Attitude Tracker (PAT) from the Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy, focusing on energy issues, revealed that 66 per cent of the public would only replace their heating system when their current one breaks down or starts to deteriorate.

Only 12 per cent of respondents would consider replacing their heating system while it was still working.

The PAT also found that the top reasons people are most likely to change their heating system is to save bills (43 per cent) or to switch to a more environmentally friendly heating system (33 per cent). Nearly a fifth of respondents (18per cent) paid significant attention to the amount of heat used in their home in December 2018, with the main reasons being minimising bills.

So, do we deserve a right ol’ telling off for being lackadaisical about our boilers? Well…is anyone really likely to replace an entire system that is in good working order? Not likely. And why should they? That said; it seems risky to only replace a system once it’s already broken. And at the crux of the issue; how would the layman know that his system is faulty anyway – unless told by a professional heating engineer?

As it turns out, PAT statistics showed genuine trust in advice from heating installers with 79 per cent of respondents citing heating engineers/installers as the most helpful source of information when choosing a new heating system, alongside family and friends.

The moral of the story: find a heating engineer that you can trust and listen to him when he advises repairs or even an entire system overhaul.

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