Thinking of selling your house? Upgrade your boiler and you’ll wield the power of influence over prospective home buyers. A new survey by has revealed the home improvements that are most likely to sell your house are kitchens and bathrooms, with a new boiler likely to play a deciding factor 43 per cent of the time.

According to research, 47 per cent of potential homeowners would make an offer on a property that has a recently fitted kitchen, with 28 per cent likely to pay a higher price for this feature. A new bathroom is the second most sought after improvement, influencing a decision to buy 46 per cent per cent of the time, with 27 per cent of prospective buyers willing to offer more money.

A new boiler comes in at number four when ranking the improvements most likely to sell a home, just behind new windows, which are likely to influence a decision 45 per cent of the time. A new extension is fifth most important on a buyer’s list, clinching the deal 34 per cent of the time. Loft insulation comes next, with 33 per cent influence.

Thirty-one per cent of home buyers claim that a new conservatory will affect their decision to buy.  New garden landscaping (29 per cent) follows this and new lighting (23 per cent) sits at the bottom of the table.

Spokesperson for Plentific, Stephen Jury, said: “Many property buyers keep an eye out for particular home renovations when searching for their next home. It goes without saying that costly renovations are high on the wish list for most buyers. These can add significant value to a property and incentivise buyers to offer a higher price. If a seller is looking to get a better offer, our insight could provide useful guidance on which home improvements to invest in.”

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Source: “New Kitchens, Bathrooms and Windows are Key Influencers for Home Buyers”