Unplug these devices to cut energy costs

A new report by British Gas has revealed that UK homeowners could save an average of £147 per year if certain appliances were turned off standby.

As we head into a recession, many of us are finding ways to cut costs, especially energy costs. Even with the Truss energy bill bailout, severe increases are expected and yet, according to research, almost one in five (16%) Brits are unaware that many household appliances use up electricity.

Only 44% of respondents occasionally switch appliances off, and over one in three (35%) said they wish they’d known devices were costing them money whilst on standby.

Every device that remains plugged in continues to draw power from the mains, adding to your energy bill. Have a look at the below list of devices and how much they cost to keep on standby per year:

  • Television – £24.61
  • Set top box/satellite – £23.10
  • Modem/internet router – £18.89
  • Microwave – £16.37
  • Games Console – £12.17
  • Computer – £11.22
  • Shower – £9.80
  • Smart speakers/smart home devices – £8.94
  • Dishwasher – £6.86
  • Tumble dryer – £4.79
  • Washing machine – £4.73
  • Printer – £3.81
  • Mobile device charger – £1.26

Top tip: switch them off.

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