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According to 2021’s Pet Population report, it is estimated that 12 million (59% of) households have pets—dogs and cats the most popular, and then rabbits, indoor birds, guinea pigs, hamsters, snakes etcetera. In winter we love to crank the heating but have we stopped to consider our pets—are they too warm, too cold?

It’s important that we keep the temperature of our homes at a setting that is comfortable for our beloved animals. Experts suggest that most pets are content with the normal ambient temperature of our homes, with 18 – 20 ᵒC usually a suitable setting. However, this may not be the same for every animal.

Some things to consider when regulating the temperature of your home for your pets (dogs and cats, especially) are: breed (animals from colder climates, with thicker coats, are better adapted to the chill and may struggle if too warm) and age (older dog and cats often struggle to regulate their own body temperature and may need a warmer environment).

Another top tip is to pay attention to the habits of your pet. Is your dog uncharacteristically restless (too warm?) or perhaps your cat is spending too much time curled up under the radiator (too cold?) —in which case, you may need to adjust the temperature of your home.

For more information on the most pet-friendly temperature at home, read articles from: Property Reporter and Electric Radiators Direct.

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