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Does it surprise you that women tend to be more frustrated by bad bathroom habits at home than men? A survey conducted by Mira Showers has not only revealed some of the most common bathroom pet peeves among people but also, that men are more tolerant.

  1. Not flushing the toilet after going
  2. Leaving urine on the toilet seat
  3. Leaving stains in the toilet
  4. Forgetting to replace the toilet roll or soap
  5. Leaving wet towels on the floor
  6. Never cleaning the bathroom or shower themselves
  7. Clogging the shower drain with hair and never cleaning it out
  8. Leaving the toilet seat up
  9. Causing a mess in the bath or shower with bathing products (i.e. spillage or leaving remnants behind)
  10. Not turning the shower or tap off properly.

Twelve per cent of women said their biggest pet peeve are people who use up all the hot water.  Women are more likely to clean unpleasant stains off a friend or family member’s toilet (26%) than men (19%). Twenty-five per cent of women would never take a number two in a friend or family member’s toilet unless they absolutely had to, whereas only 18% of men said the same.

Fifty-seven per cent of those aged between 44-54 and 67% of those over 55 would always wash their hands in their personal bathroom, compared to just 23% of 16-24-year-olds and 30% of 25-34s.

Another juicy fact from the survey is that over a quarter of all respondents (27 per cent) said their own bad bathroom habits have improved since lockdown was first introduced. Hopefully it won’t always take a pandemic for us to remember to pick up our wet towels and flush the toilet!

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