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The UK is ranked 23 out of 28 European nations for “national environmentally conscious housing practices”, according to the landmark Green Living Index report.

The report looks at energy and recycling as well as sustainability and engagement, with Portugal, Sweden and Germany scoring well. Portugal places at the top of the Green Living Index, which is in part due to the low levels of private energy consumption, and Germany, in third, is a pioneer in solar energy.

Austria, Denmark, Spain, Latvia, Greece, Slovakia and Finland all rank in the top ten.

Why is UK so low on the list?

More of our homes are cold, old and leaky than not. Just 12% of the UK’s household energy comes from renewable sources, and a mere 8% of energy used for UK domestic heating and cooling is fuelled by renewables.

Smaller household sizes also contributes to a higher per capita consumption, with fewer extended families, more household split-ups and an ageing population, meaning that the average British household is made up of just two people. Not only that but only 15% of us live in flats, which are easier to heat than houses.

The UK did, however, score well for recycling, with 44% of household waste being reused. And we are committed to sustainable living (even if our homes aren’t well-insulated) according to the report.

What does any of this mean and why should we pay attention? Well, perhaps we have to try a little harder. Some of this is down to policy makers and money spenders; making smart decisions that enable us to upgrade our homes to more energy efficient models. Some of it is down to homeowners; to invest now for long term gain.

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The most recent Bathroom Market report by AMA Research has revealed a growing preference for minimalist, wall-hung and counter top bathroom designs, with the most popular products supporting space saving solutions.

If you have a small bathroom (or a bigger one that you’d like to neaten up) there are some nifty ideas that are trending at the moment, including slim-line wash basins and short-projection furniture. Compact shower baths, small freestanding baths and space-saving ‘back-to-wall’ D-shaped/skirted baths also work well in smaller spaces.

‘Invisible’ storage solutions are a great for de-cluttering as are prefabricated solutions including installation frames and concealed plastic cisterns.

Floating vanities and basins are a couple of the most popular wall hung bathroom features when it comes to maximising space in a bathroom, and a rounded vanity is a good idea if you’re worried about the inconvenience (and safety) of a sharp corner sticking out in a tight space.

A counter extended over the toilet creates an easy space to store items and mounting a towel bar on the shower door will save space (although the rest of the towels might need some cupboard space elsewhere in your home). And there are some styling tips that will create an illusion of space in a small bathroom: large-scale patterns can trick the eye into seeing expanded space, as can expanded mirrors.

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Source: Forbes.com

What does the UK’s most searched for bathroom look like? Google has the answer – and Sanctuary Bathrooms has been kind enough to analyse all the data for us. Check out the top décor and product trends for 2019:

  • Dark colours are IN, with black the most searched colour in sinks and toilets.
  • Back-to-wall, close-coupled toilets were the most popular of more than 14,000 monthly searches.
  • Double sinks with mixer taps are a popular choice.
  • Freestanding roll-top copper topped 35,000 monthly searches.
  • Grey is the top colour for herringbone flooring and wall tiles.
  • Traditional options and chrome are dominant for accessories.
  • Wooden mirrored cabinets were the most popular of 35,700 related searches.
  • Tall freestanding corner cabinets are a top choice.
  • Chrome topped the searches for toilet roll holders and towel rails.
  • Separate single shower enclosures are strong among 57,200 average monthly searches.

The common thread that marries these choices together is the sanctuary of a bathroom space, which is not only functional but an escape. Freestanding baths, chrome features and dark colours – there’s a sense of romance inherent in this type of look.

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Source: kbbreview.com