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Wallpapering a bathroom might sound counterintuitive but it’s absolutely doable and, yes; is even a good idea.

Extravagant wallpaper in small toilet spaces comes highly recommended by design pros (it can liven up a space and because one is only in the toilet sporadically, bold designs do not become tiresome) and there are many ways to use wallpaper creatively in bathrooms: as a border around the ceiling or a mirror, to accent certain areas or walls, or simply wallpaper the entire bathroom (including the ceiling!).

Now, you might be wondering about the whole ‘paper and water’ thing…

It’s true that bathroom wallpaper can be problematic as exposure to moisture can stain the paper or cause it to peel off, even with improved adhesives. There are, however, splashproof wallpapers that are specifically designed for high humidity areas and can even be wiped dry or clean. Here are a couple of quick tips for making wallpaper work well in a bathroom:

  • Vinyl wallpapers are resistant to moisture but choice is limited. If you prefer to use regular wallpaper (which is doable if your bathroom is not very humid) it is probably best to avoid high splash areas (or choose a splash-proof paper). And don’t write of wallpapering your shower – you can buy specialist wallpaper that is designed to be fitted inside the shower and wet areas.
  • Apply the wallpaper to a really well-prepped wall and use an extra strong wallpaper adhesive.
  • Ventilation is key to the durability of your wallpaper; you’ll want to avoid condensation on the wallpaper.

Wallpaper is usually cheaper than tiles, with more character than paint, and versatile in any space. If it appeals to you, go for it!

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Are you thinking of selling your home? It could be a long-term goal or perhaps you’d like to sell imminently. Either way, there are small things that any competent DIYer can do to make a home more attractive to buyers but first, you’ll need to know what jobs are worth your time, effort and money.

Homebuilding.co.uk has put together a list of common defects that put people off buying property – see below:

• Peeling paint
• Squeaking or sticking doors and windows
• Door latches that don’t work
• Mouldy sealants in kitchen and bathroom
• Dripping taps
• Loose tiles
• Sewer smells
• Broken or damaged windows
• Squeaky floors and stairs
• Cracks to ceilings and plasterwork
• Lifting flooring

Many of the defects mentioned on the list might seem like superficial but it’s worth remembering that the first impression of a home (how much care has been put into a property) is what will pique the interest of prospective buyers. Not only that but putting a little work into repainting, repairing flooring, eliminating mould, oiling hinges, repairing tiles and sorting cracks will up the odds of you getting the optimum price for your house!
Small things make a big difference.

For all your plumbing and installation needs, feel free to contact the team at AACooper on 01689 485007 or info@aacooper.co.uk – we’re happy to help.