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New research by Aldemore Bank reveals that DIY or home renovations are taking over lockdown life for 38 percent of us, with a further 17 percent of respondents planning to do some form of DIY or renovation soon.

Of the household renovation projects carried out, gardening (57 percent) was the most popular, followed by spring cleaning (47 percent) and then painting walls and wallpapering (34 percent). While the research shows the popularity of small-scale projects, Brits are also keen on major DIY jobs such as redecorating a room (23 percent), renovating a room or bathroom (20 percent), replacing flooring or tiling (13 percent) or planning an extension or major construction on their homes (5 percent).

With more time at home and many of us on furlough, lockdown has offered the perfect opportunity to finally start (and finish!) the home projects we’ve been meaning to get to for ages. With bathrooms one of the most likely rooms to renovate, here are some DIY priority areas in your bathroom that might help you decide what to do next:

1. Walls – peeling wallpaper, discoloured paint or mould are a real dampener in a bathroom. Painting walls a fresh, light colour will make the space lighter and also make it feel bigger. Carefully chosen wall paper will give your bathroom an instant facelift.

2. Re-tiling – if your bath or shower area is looking scrappy and bleach and a cloth have not done an adequate job of revamping the atmosphere in the room, then re-tiling could be the way forward. This is likely many DIY projects rather than one but will be well worth the final result. It will require techniques related to Removing, Smoothing, Waterproofing and Installing.

3. Lighting – dark, dingy bathrooms are simply the worst but this can be fixed with good lighting fixtures; opting for light that is bright enough, but not too bright, and also designed for high-moisture areas is the best idea.

4. Fixtures – updating bathroom taps, shower fixtures, toilet paper holders, wall hooks and other bits and bobs are easy DIY projects and will add the finishing touch to the overall look and feel of your bathroom.

5. Mirror – every bathroom needs an excellent mirror. The bigger, the better – but also be aware of the size of your bathroom. Choose one that is in proportion to the space you’re working in, and installing a light above your mirror will increase light reflection in your bathroom.

Good luck! And if you decide that you could do with advice or specialist help on certain jobs, do get
in touch! We’d love to help you put together your dream bathroom but also understand that installations can be costly. Why not apply for finance online? Visit our dedicated page HERE. The application form is available 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.

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