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You’ve just moved, renovated or you’re looking to sell, and are wondering how you can accessorise your home beyond family photos and the occasional bits and bobs. Here’s a list of ten top items that will or spruce up any room:

  1. Plants – there’s something calming about bringing the outdoors inside. Plants look great in any room and there are many that grow beautifully indoors. Choose a stylish pot or vessel to accentuate your greenery.
  2. Art – although we’d all love to own a limited-edition piece, art doesn’t have to be pricey to look amazing. Choose something, whether it’s a child’s drawing, a poster, painting or sculpture, that tells a story. Thoughtful placement and a great frame will add personality to any room.
  3. Candles – not only create atmosphere but look and smell great!
  4. Lamps – can be decorative pieces in their own right as well as harbingers of softer light.
  5. Books – on a shelf, coffee table or any other surface (right!?) make a home homely and showcase your interests and personality.
  6. Mirrors – are known to create an illusion of space. They also look nice.
  7. Clocks – add character to a space when chosen for decorative value as well as functionality.
  8. Pinboards – are lots of fun because they can be adapted to mood and style; add photos, postcards, favourite phrases etc. to add personality to a space.
  9. Knickknacks – the trick with knickknacks is to know when to stop but even so, don’t be afraid to showcase your collectibles here and there; small things add to the overall feel in a room.
  10. Decorative vessels – interesting bowls, vases, trinket boxes etc. look stunning in a cabinet or on a sideboard.

The most important thing when accessorising your home, whether it’s with more or less, is to reflect you and your family – your interests and experiences will bring a uniqueness to your home, which makes it warm and inviting.

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Wallpapering a bathroom might sound counterintuitive but it’s absolutely doable and, yes; is even a good idea.

Extravagant wallpaper in small toilet spaces comes highly recommended by design pros (it can liven up a space and because one is only in the toilet sporadically, bold designs do not become tiresome) and there are many ways to use wallpaper creatively in bathrooms: as a border around the ceiling or a mirror, to accent certain areas or walls, or simply wallpaper the entire bathroom (including the ceiling!).

Now, you might be wondering about the whole ‘paper and water’ thing…

It’s true that bathroom wallpaper can be problematic as exposure to moisture can stain the paper or cause it to peel off, even with improved adhesives. There are, however, splashproof wallpapers that are specifically designed for high humidity areas and can even be wiped dry or clean. Here are a couple of quick tips for making wallpaper work well in a bathroom:

  • Vinyl wallpapers are resistant to moisture but choice is limited. If you prefer to use regular wallpaper (which is doable if your bathroom is not very humid) it is probably best to avoid high splash areas (or choose a splash-proof paper). And don’t write of wallpapering your shower – you can buy specialist wallpaper that is designed to be fitted inside the shower and wet areas.
  • Apply the wallpaper to a really well-prepped wall and use an extra strong wallpaper adhesive.
  • Ventilation is key to the durability of your wallpaper; you’ll want to avoid condensation on the wallpaper.

Wallpaper is usually cheaper than tiles, with more character than paint, and versatile in any space. If it appeals to you, go for it!

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