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Who does the dishes, takes out the rubbish or hoovers under the table after the kids have had couscous for dinner? One could easily assume that these are the types of spousal arguments that might top a ‘most frequent’ list. But, no. New research identifies ‘the ideal home temperature’ as the hot debate most likely to aggravate the gender divide in families.

The right time to turn on the heating is another heated conversation that happens in homes around the UK.

According to research sponsored by Corgi HomePlan, one in three couples admit to regular rows over the ideal house temperature. The study reveals that men set the thermostat too low, and women simply turn it up again (in secret, with great stealth).

Now, men, before you get right on in there and turn that thermostat back down; science suggests that the reason women are turning the heat up, is because they genuinely are more sensitive to the cold. A 2015 study by Dutch scientists revealed that women are comfortable at a temperature 2.5C warmer than men, typically between 24-25C. The average house has the heating set to 20C (according to Corgi HomePlan) which is a rather hefty 4.5C cooler than a woman’s ideal temperature.

Perhaps it’s time for a compromise? – In light of the fact that 37 per cent of British households leave the heating on between four and six hours a day (so sayeth the research)…maybe less in August!

What do you say?

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