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Living with all of the distractions of pandemic life it is so easy to fall into the trap of letting seemingly minor repairs and checks fall into arrears. The palaver of social distancing and sticking to strict government guidelines makes something as simple as going to the shop or calling a tradesperson a massive (albeit understandable) inconvenience.

New research suggests that more than three million UK households have never had their boiler serviced. A report from the Benchmark Steering Group stats:

  • 76% of homeowners claim that boiler servicing is either important or very important to them, with almost half of them admitted that they don’t maintain their boiler in accordance to the manufacturer’s guidance.
  • 80% of breakdowns result in homeowners being left without heat or hot water for at least a day, and one in 10 enduring this for three days.
  • 15% of homeowners are not sure if their boiler is in or out of warranty, supporting the need to further educate consumers to ensure they are well informed.

It’s essential that boilers are serviced annually to improve efficiency, prevent the loss of heating or hot water, save money in the long run and protect resident. The numbers suggest that there is an understanding of the of the essentiality of boiler maintenance and yet this does not convert into a proactive response – i.e. boiler servicing and maintenance. It is entirely possible that pandemic life will also push these figures higher.

It is important to know that according to current government guidelines, tradespeople may continue to work in people’s homes although those who are clinically vulnerable have been advised not to go to work.

If your boiler needs servicing do call your go-to technician and if he/she is closed for business, source a referral (always consulting to Gas Safe Register https://www.gassaferegister.co.uk/ to confirm credentials).

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Winter’s on its way but that doesn’t mean that you have to succumb to the cold – certainly not in your own home. There are some really simple ways to keep the inside of your house toasty and warm. Check out these ten top tips from Britishgas.co.uk:

1.     Heat your home, not your walls – with some easy foil insulation. Cover a thin sheet of card with tinfoil and place it behind your radiators; it’ll reflect the heat back into your rooms, warming them faster and helping them retain heat.

2.     Pipe lagging (insulating hot water pipes with foam tubes) – keeps the water inside your pipes hotter for longer.

3.     Bleed your radiators – by releasing the trapped air at the top of the radiator you’ll be able to increase its efficiency.

4.     Get your boiler serviced – so that it will last longer end work more efficiently.

5.     Close the curtains – lots of warmth escapes through the windows in your home; keeping your curtains closed will trap some of the heat inside as opposed to letting it out.

6.     Heat the house with the oven – once you’ve cooked dinner leave the oven door open; the warmth will infiltrate your kitchen and slowly, the rest of your home.

7.     Roll out a carpet – if you’ve got wooden floors, putting down a carpet will cover up cracks and gaps and stop heat from escaping.

8.     Use insulation creatively –by using spray foam to insulate any cracks and gaps in your walls.

9.     Draught proof your home – if your home is draughty, patch it up! This will save you money (and keep you warm) in the long run.

10.  Figure out your ideal temperature – usually between 18 and 21 degrees. Then use your thermostat when necessary, to keep that temperature constant.

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For more details on any of the aforementioned advice, read “10 easy tricks to keep your house warm this winter” on Britishgas.co.uk