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Why aren’t smart meters more popular?

Why aren’t homeowners more excited about smart meters? – According to a new YouGov survey, only a third of respondents have opted to use one in spite of the government committing for all UK homes to have a smart meter by 2020. So, why the reticence? Smart meters are advertised as cost effective but of […]

Should you tip your tradesperson?

Tipping your tradesperson – is this a thing people are doing? What is considered a common courtesy by some could be regarded as an unnecessary waste of money by others, perhaps even insulting… …and if you’re paying for the service anyway, should you really be expected to give more? A recent survey from Heat Insulation […]

What would it take for you to replace your boiler?

Does your heating system need to be in the (proverbial) skip before you’re likely to even hazard thinking about a new one? In fact – yes! This is likely the truth. The latest Public Attitude Tracker (PAT) from the Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy, focusing on energy issues, revealed that 66 per cent […]

Top 10 energy companies for 2019 – Which? reveals all!

Consumer champion Which? has revealed the results of its annual satisfaction survey, and small gas and electricity firms have trumped the Big Six! After surveying 8,000 energy customers, 30 companies (covering more than 90 per cent of that market in England, Scotland and Wales) have been ranking according to customer satisfaction. The Big Six (British […]

Who likes it warmer inside – men or women?

Who does the dishes, takes out the rubbish or hoovers under the table after the kids have had couscous for dinner? One could easily assume that these are the types of spousal arguments that might top a ‘most frequent’ list. But, no. New research identifies ‘the ideal home temperature’ as the hot debate most likely […]

What’s the average electricity use for a UK household?

Have you ever compared your gas/electricity bill with that of friends or family members – and wondered why you pay so much more or, if you’re lucky, a whole lot less? It could be that your tariff is simply more costly, or conversely – really reasonable. The size of your property and the number of […]

20 cheap, easy ways to make your home eco-friendly

Great Britain has reduced its carbon production faster than any other industrialised nation (woop!) and the UK’s emissions are below the goal (instituted by the Climate Change Act) for carbon budget 2, and 40 per cent below the 1990 levels. This is great but there is still loads more work required in order to reach […]

How to avoid drain blockage (eight things NOT to put down your plughole)

Drain blockages are entirely common and also, usually, entirely disgusting; no matter where it’s coming from, leaking water smells rank. From clumps of hair, fish filter tablets (but really) and small dolly shoes (parents will understand) to stranger things like false teeth and even clothing, there are some obvious no-nos when it comes to putting […]

Where’s everyone getting their plumbing products these days?

You’re refurbishing your bathroom…or perhaps just fixing something after years of wear and tear – do you roll on down to your local high street for some spanking new fixtures and furniture? Not likely. These days, point of call for all things plumbing is the internet – but this is no surprise, right? From the […]

Ten tips on to keep your home cool in hot weather

Keeping cool in sweltering heat might be as simple as turning on the air conditioning but it’s worth remembering that cranking up the AC to arctic temperatures is going to eat into your electricity bill. Also, we live in England – put your hand up if you have air con in your house…hmmm, not many […]